Wednesday 24 July 2013

Trying out a kickstarter

If you frequent TMP much you'll have noticed that Kick-starters have taken off in a big way the last year or so. Up until now I have quite happily avoid them for various reasons. Two nights ago though I found a link to Ramshackle games newest kick-starter to produce 28mm sci-fi troops and an APC. The pledge levels and stretch goals seemed very reasonable and I'm a big fan of Ramshackle's products plus the potentail product interested me so I made a £32 pledge. Now I will wait to see how this kick-starter thing pans out.

Tuesday 16 July 2013

The £40 Dark Angel army

Playing 40K these days can be an expensive business so I was pretty happy when I scored a big lot of GW miniatures of ebay for £30. As well as all the plastics from the Dark vengeance box set I got a full set of  marines from Assault on Black reach so basically the core of three new armies. I was slightly less happy when I received them and saw the painting and modelling skills the previous owner had inflicted on them. So I broke out the Dettol stripped the miniatures and then went to town with modelling snips, sharp blade and plastic glue to make them presentable.

 My son snagged the vanilla Marines for himself (pictures soon hopefully) and I wanted the chaos stuff for me (not much done to them other than the Hellbrute). That left the Dark Angels which I thought I would knock up into a useful force that my daughter could use when she wanted, as she does from time to time, to join daddy and big brother playing soldiers.

A recent trip to a wargames show allowed me to pick up some extra second hand bits on the bring buy stall to bring the army up to a 1000pts. Total cost of the army was

Dark vengeance set £10.00
Rhino £12.00
Razorback and 5 man squad £18.00

Total £40.00

I didn't work to hard on the paint job base coat, army painter dip, a few rough and ready highlights, basing and army painter anti shine varnish. Any way here are a few pictures pretty happy with this little army especially the cost.

Wednesday 10 July 2013


OK I've become very bad at updating this blog still here are a few pictures of a Hell brute (painted in the Sons of Malice colour scheme) that I converted up and painted for a competition on the DakkaDakka forum. This was a cheap rescue job from eBay after a Dettol bath to remove the old paint job I replaced the multi melta with a las-cannon and changed the head for an old chaos warrior head. I think he turned out pretty well.

Monday 6 May 2013

Chaos cultists - finished

Haven't posted for a while. Not that I've been idle  a few weeks back I picked up a bargain load of GW stuff on ebay (all the miniatures from Dark Vegance box set plus all the marines from Assualt on Black Reach) for £25.00. I only wanted the Chaos stuff so my kids both got a small space marine army each and we've been busy sorting out and painting these miniatures (hopefully a post on that subject soon).

In the mean time I entered my cultists in to a DakkaDakka forum competition run by Comrade Panda the theme was a unit with a brotherhood style I figured my cultists fitted the theme well. I wanted the unit to number 11 (the sacred number of Malal/Malice) so I added a Chaos marine champion of Malal armed with a dreadaxe (as a nod to the infamous Kaleb Daark). I also added  a scenic base to show them off nicely. I'm not expecting to win anything, DakkaDakka has a lot of seriously talented painters and modellers hanging out on there, but I think they look pretty good. Anyway here are a few pictures

Sunday 14 April 2013

Chaos Cultists

I have finished off my first unit of  converted chaos cultists for 40K. The models are based on WFB Empire flagellants with alsorts of extras from my bits box and plenty of grenstuff for the hoods. Now this unit is finished I've order some arm sets from Victoria Miniatures so that I can convert up some cultists with long arms (see last picture for a WIP shot). I really like the Victoria miniatures bits, really well done, and free postage from AUS to boot. Anyway below are a few pictures of my finished cultists.


Sunday 31 March 2013

Chaos cultists and more scenery

Still plugging away at my 40K project the wastelands board is pretty much done though I have now added a ruined Imperial chapel. The chapel is another Amera piece though unlike the other pieces this one was a kit that needed to be built I decided not to cut all the windows out but paint them up to look like stained glass with imperial icons. I also added in a ruined staircase from pink foam off cuts to allow access to the ruined second floor.

I've also been working on some opposition for my IG droop troopers...... Chaos. I wanted some chaos cultists for my army now the new plastic cultists from GW are nice (in fact I plan to convert some into mutants) but I wanted something different for my chaos army. I managed to score a cheap box of WFB empire flagellants and used these as the basis for my cultists with various bits from bits box. Below are the first test pieces which I liked so much I'm building some more.

Tuesday 19 March 2013

40K table

I have now painted up most of my Amera terrain (just a couple of buildings and a large hill to go) and I have knocked up a couple of 2x4 ft boards to make a small gaming table for 40K games. The Amera terrain got it's first outing on Saturday when myself and eldest son had a couple of combat patrol games using assorted proxy miniatures as IG and Lost and the damned chaos forces.  Below are a few pictures of the new board with Amera scenery (apart from the crashed truck which is a resin piece I got of ebay).