Sunday 25 July 2010

VBCW Command Groups

well I'm making steady progress with my VBCW project and thought I'd show some of latest additions to my forces. I've decided to organize my forces to use with warhammer great war rules (although as they are single figures it's not hard to change to a different rule set). One thing about WGW is you need quite a few command groups so here are mine.

The top pictures (blue armbands) are my Anglican league force the five man group are the battalion HQ while the two three men groups are the company HQs. Below that we have Lord Encombes Royalist militia (red and white armbands). The five man group is lord Encombe himself and his battalion HQ like any country gent he is found of his animals. The four man group is a company HQ.

Miniatures are from three main sources Gripping beasts WW1 range, Great war miniatures and Artizans thrilling tales range. The flags are made from paper and PVA. Most of the armbands where added by me using green stuff (although some of the Great war miniatures already had them)

Cheers Jon

Saturday 24 July 2010

Roman Auxilla

well the ancients project I started last Christmas is still moving along (very) slowly. I've finally got these two units of auxilla finished. All the miniatures are from warlord games mostly plastic except for the commands and two rankers which are metal. Under the Crusader rules these guys count as light infantry so I've based them three to a 40mm rendera plastic base. As usual there painted with a magic wash and then given some basic highlights.
As with previous units in this project my spare plastic models where hacked up and put back together with some green stuff to produce some casualty and disorder markers (one figure for casualty two figures for disorder) before being mounted on a washer.
The warlord games Auxilla are really nice my only quibble is that the spears/standards on the metal command are really thin and bendy I doubt they'll survive to many games before they need replacing. I would have preferred the option of command models in the plastic box set but sadly all 24 models in the box are rankers.
Cheers Jon

Indiana Jones toys for AK-47

Hi all,
here are some pictures of some Indiana Jones toys that I picked up in Tescos for a couple of quid each. Their scale isn't clear but they look right with 15mm miniatures to me.
The first one is a German truck

They didn't require much work Indiana had to be removed and I took the box out of the back. Then it was just a simple re-paint. I rather like them they were dirt cheap and are very nice little models.
For this one I removed the blades and gave it a new paint job and it's now an armoured bulldozer for Lumatan pioneers. If it helps for scale comparison the miniatures with the trucks are oldglory 15mm moderns while the one with the bulldozer are irregular miniature 15mm modern soviets. Both these ranges are at the taller end of the 15mm scale.

Cheers Jon

Friday 23 July 2010

Anglican league heavy support

Hi all,
having a broken computer has at least given me some extra painting time. So I thought
I'd post up pictures of my Anglican leagues new heavy support. A venerable old FT-17 with 37mm gun, no doubt shipped across the channel by some dodgy European arms dealer. True to form in it's first battle it was blown to pieces by a luck shot from a BUF heavy machine gun. The taken model is from force of arms in made of resin. The air recognition flag was added from tissue paper soaked in PVA.
Second up we have a WW1 vintage 13pdr gun. The gun is from Great war miniatures while the crew are from Gripping beast. to make them look like civilian militia I used green stuff to cover the puttees. The officer is from one of the great war miniatures command packs with a gripping beast spare head swapped for the original head. This gun too proved less than spectacular in it's first battle failing to stop the BUFs armour.
Cheers Jon

Anglican snow troopers

Had one of those horrible spray primer/varnish accidents the other day. I finished off a few Anglican figures for a game at the club that night. Last thing to do was give them a quick coat of varnish sadly being in a hurry I picked up a white spray instead, the screams of frustration where terrible indeed. Thought I'd share a couple of picks for anyone who could do with a laugh.

Sunday 18 July 2010

I'm back

If anyone actually reads this blog they may have noticed things have gone rather quite in recent weeks. Sadly my aging PC decided to die a few weeks ago. After some rather worrying moments I managed to retrieve all the photos and important stuff but the PC was knackered. So I bought a new one (and very nice it is too). Sadly I still couldn't couldn't get online thanks to my out of date modem that wouldn't work with windows 7. My Internet provider (AOL) where spectacularly unhelpful so we swapped to a new IP. Sadly it takes up to 25 days to sort a change of provider. Still this weekend the family home finally got Internet back. Now apart from having to provide a new Internet address to all those websites you need one for I'm trying to workout what I've missed out on on the net in my enforced absence.

On the plus side I've had time to take stock of my hobby and make a few decisions on where it's heading more of which later.