Sunday 31 January 2010

Car wars

work and family have taken over a bit this week but I found time to convert and paint up some matchbox/hot wheels cars for Axles and Alloys. My fellow club member Jim e-mailed and asked if I fancied a game latter on this month. Filled with memories of playing Games Workshops Dark Future in my youth I bit his hand off.
After a rummage through my sons toy car box I found some likely models and set about them with bits from my spares box a new paint job and voila. you can't have a post apocalyptic car war with out some wrecks so a couple of cars got introduced to Mr hammer (bottom picture). also I've chucked in a picture of my 20mm A team which I converted from Revell 20mm plastic WW2 German infantry. I just need to find a suitable van for BA now and the A team are ready to cruise the badlands.
Cheers Jon

Tuesday 26 January 2010

Raiden plane for club game

Hi all,
a test piece of a Raiden miniatures 1/300 ME110. I volunteered to help paint up a dozen of these planes for the clubs show game. For more info on the game click here
I have to admit this is not a scale or subject that I'm very familiar with but this test piece seems to have come up alright just another eleven to do.

Monday 25 January 2010

British panzers and Roman veterans

Hi all,
my first project of this year is still ticking along at a reasonable pace. Here's some pictures of my latest models at the top we have my unit of Roman veterans, from Warlord Games. These are nice models and full of character. As usual I've built some casualty/shaken markers with the spare models from the box (first two pictures). as I said before being plastic these are easy to convert.
I've also finished the three Celtic chariots from Wargames Factory. Now their painted I think they're pretty good models. I should point out that the passengers are all Foundry metal figures as I wasn't keen on the options provided in the set. I still need to buy another three chariots to finish this unit. I'm still debating the casualty/shaken markers. These plastic chariots could be converted into some really spectacular casualty markers, but it could be a bit expensive when a dead infantryman would work.
Cheers Jon

Saturday 23 January 2010

My white Russians for RCW/BOB

Hi all,
I thought I'd share some pictures of my RCW white Russians that I used in the Club BOB campaign last year. They where spectacularly unsuccessful managing one win in twelve games (ho hum).
I based my units on the coloured units of the AFSR which of course is total unhistorical but I figured I could use the figures in some historical RCW games latter and I liked the uniforms. The figures are 25/28mm and are a mixture of HLBS (now OOP), Old Glory WW1 Russians, Copplestone BOB range, Brigade games RCW range and Musketeer Miniatures WW1 Russians.
I particularly like the AA guns which I added to the army to give all the bi-planes that kept strafing me in games something to think about. The twin Lewis gun armed one is from Grand Manner and is a resin piece. The other is a scratch built 13pdr AA gun on a die cast model T ford.
Cheers Jon

Thursday 21 January 2010

Realms of Chaos

Hi all,
a few pictures of some of my chaos stuff for 1st edition 40K. In my youth my school friends and I played a lot of Rogue trader in particular we really enjoyed playing chaos renegades from the Realms of Chaos books. The chaos renegades weren't like other army lists but where instead very random (as chaos should be) and loads of fun. Back then my modeling and painting skills where not up to much so I never really modelled the mutations or weird units the system could throw up. When I got back into Rogue trader I new I'd have to model some chaos stuff and here's what I've got so far (well except for my chaos squats but that's for another post).
Cheers Jon

Wednesday 20 January 2010

My Spug Army for 40k

Hi all,
Thought I'd share some pictures of my Spug army for Rogue Trader. Now I know your all thinking Spugs aren't Games workshop or in 1st edition 40K which is true. However one of the great things about 1st ed was that it was very easy to customize. The rules included sections on creating your own creatures and vehicles and how to work out their points cost meaning adding new armies is actual pretty simple.
As for the army itself it contains
  • 3 units of spug drones with needle rifles, a flamer (acid spray) and a Grenade launcher
  • A spugnought(dreadnought) with power fists,plasma gun and missile launcher
  • A Queen Spug (very big Spug) with plasma gun
  • Spug Larvae unit (Large slug carnivores creatures with big teeth)
  • A unit of Spug assault drones with bolters and Jump packs
  • Alpha Drone (mid level Spug commander) with power fist and grenade launcher
  • A Beetle Attack craft(a small two Spug flying Attack craft) with missile launcher and plasma cannons

I'm also working on a couple more units including cavalry and a heavy walker tank if I ever get them finished I'll post up some pictures.

Cheers Jon