Monday 6 May 2013

Chaos cultists - finished

Haven't posted for a while. Not that I've been idle  a few weeks back I picked up a bargain load of GW stuff on ebay (all the miniatures from Dark Vegance box set plus all the marines from Assualt on Black Reach) for £25.00. I only wanted the Chaos stuff so my kids both got a small space marine army each and we've been busy sorting out and painting these miniatures (hopefully a post on that subject soon).

In the mean time I entered my cultists in to a DakkaDakka forum competition run by Comrade Panda the theme was a unit with a brotherhood style I figured my cultists fitted the theme well. I wanted the unit to number 11 (the sacred number of Malal/Malice) so I added a Chaos marine champion of Malal armed with a dreadaxe (as a nod to the infamous Kaleb Daark). I also added  a scenic base to show them off nicely. I'm not expecting to win anything, DakkaDakka has a lot of seriously talented painters and modellers hanging out on there, but I think they look pretty good. Anyway here are a few pictures

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