Sunday 28 August 2011

Middenheim Warband

Well here is my second Mordheim warband the Middenheimers. Like my last warband all these guys, bar one, are based on the Perry Miniatures plastic WOTR mercenaries with a extras arms and heads from my bits box. The Champion with the two handed hammer is a GW metal Mordheim captain I had in my bits box.

The Middenheimers are in concept a mix of Renaissance Germans and vikings two looks that are quite hard to put together in my opinion. To try and make the middenheimers quite wild looking I've used plenty of bearded heads (mostly from Warlord Games Celts) and wolf cloaks. I stuck with bows and halberds for their main weapons with hammers for the heros.

These miniatures have been through the wars already. Having painted them at work in my lunch break I bought them home to finish the bases. Sadly I didn't close the figure case probably and so they got a very bumpy road home on the back of my motorbike. When I got home I had a twisted pile of broken limbs and weapons and damaged paint work.

They sat on my painting table for a couple of weeks before I could muster the energy to try and put them right lots of glue, green stuff and paint later and they don't look too bad. Although there are still a few slightly wonky weapons and heads on them.

Cheers Jon

Friday 26 August 2011

House and stables

More Mordheim buildings. These two are resin buildings from ebay. They could have been painted and used straight from the box but this Mordheim so I figured a bit of Damage was in order. I don't know what resin was used but is was very soft and the buildings were hollow inside (probably why they were pretty cheap).

The top building is a barn which I put a big hole in the roof with a hammer. I added some balsa wood beams into the hole and painted the whole thing. Simply but effective (I think).

The second building is a house which I sawed in half (don't forget the dust mask). Although hollow the insides of the building was very rough with big lumps of resin. I sanded and cut away the worst and then added some detail like walls and floors to hide the rest. Plenty of rubble, balsa roof beams and a spare resin door where also added.

I don't think it looks to bad although the break in the house is a little to regular I think and needs to be more jagged. I still have the second half of the house so we'll see how that one goes.

Cheers Jon

Thursday 25 August 2011

River and statue

More Mordheim scenery this time a canal and a statue for a plataz.

The statue was easy to make a spare plastic Empire knight from my bits box mounted on a block of polystyrene carved to look like stone work. A hard board base and some more items from my bits box to imply a recent skirmish has taken place. Paint and jobs done.

The River is 12" long x 6" wide hardboard with a strip of 1" wide foam core down each side to make the banks. I added in a few bits of debris floating in the water (cart wheel, floating body). Then I added to crossing points a collapsed bridge and a make shift bridge across a pile of fallen masonry (a spare piece of lord of the rings plastic ruins). The bridge uses foam core and polystyrene scored with a pen to make stone work.

The river itself was smothered in thick PVA (coloured brown with cheap craft paint) left to dry a bit and then worked with an old stiff brush to give some texture. Some painting was done to give the impression the water was foul tainted effeulent. Finally the water was given some gloss varnish.

I've scaled my plans down a bit on my Mordheim project. Originally I was going for a 4x4 foot board but the scenery is very time consuming to build so I'm going to try and get one 2x4 foot board finished first so I can get some games going and come back to the second board latter (maybe after I've recharged my batteries with a different project). I have another warband almost finished (Middenheimers) which will hopefully but done by the end of the weekend which will give me both sides for a game.

Cheers Jon

Wizards tower

Well the summer holidays are proving to be very unproductive on the hobby front (I'm actually starting to think there isn't a time of year when I am productive to be honest)

However I have managed to produce some more Mordheim scenery. First up is a wizards tower. This is a resin piece I got of ebay. It was pretty nice striaght out of the box but I wanted to make it look a little more wizard like and less military watch tower like.

The battlements of the tower are a seperate piece so I decided to build an alternative roof for the tower (sutiably damaged for Mordheim). The roof is made of card and balsa on a hardboard base. the chimney (which you can't actually see in the photos doh) and extra window came from a pack of spares sold by the same company who made the tower and help to match my scratch built roof to the orginal building.

I can now have the tower set up with battlements or a roof depending on what I want the tower to represent. I have a few more buildings and bits finished for my Mordheim project which hopefully I'll get pictures of posted up in the next few days.

Cheers Jon

Wednesday 3 August 2011

The Red wolf Inn

Another ruined building for my Mordheim project this is the red wolf inn. It's built on a 6"x12" mdf base out of foamcore, polystyrene and balsa wood. I like the way it's turnned out except for the front. If I was doing it again I would probably make the front less straight and more ruined.

Next up are some resin buildings I got cheap off ebay (augusts budget spent) which I'm turning into ruins.

Cheers Jon