Tuesday 19 March 2013

40K table

I have now painted up most of my Amera terrain (just a couple of buildings and a large hill to go) and I have knocked up a couple of 2x4 ft boards to make a small gaming table for 40K games. The Amera terrain got it's first outing on Saturday when myself and eldest son had a couple of combat patrol games using assorted proxy miniatures as IG and Lost and the damned chaos forces.  Below are a few pictures of the new board with Amera scenery (apart from the crashed truck which is a resin piece I got of ebay).


  1. Looking good! I like the density of the terrain and how it tells a story of a desolate, left-for-dead wasteland.

  2. Thanks Chris....wasteland was exactly the look I was going for :)

  3. Great use of terrain and affordable terrain makes it so much better.