Wednesday 1 June 2011

something else random - home made weapons pit

Another rather random result of a couple of spare hours in the wargames room. This one started with a rat that was terrorizing my compost bin. Said rat was duly poisoned, the poison came with several little plastic trays to hold the poison but I only used one. The others I kept because they looked useful.

A couple of weeks ago I turned one of the plastic trays into a weapons pit for use with my Valiant 1/72 Germans. Here's how

1) cut a whole in the tray with scissors to make an entrance

2) glue tray to a hardboard base with superglue

3) cover the outside of the tray with Das air drying putty, borrowed from my daughter's jewellery making set. Leave to dry over night

4) find out Das putty has cracked up during drying seal and fill the cracks with PVA glue and sand

5) add balsa wood to the inside of the tray and score with a sharp pencil to represent planks

6) add greenstuff sand bags

7) paint and flock

All in all a nice piece of scenery that cost not a lot.

Cheers Jon