Tuesday 16 February 2010

6mm West Riding Yemonary for Hammers Slammers

for tonight's post I thought I'd post up some picture of my 6mm Hammers Slammers project. While flicking through my Hammers Slammers books I came across the West Riding Yeomanry and thought they looked cool, there are some pictures of some 28mm ones http://www.hammers-slammers.com/images/west_riding/index.htm here.
I couldn't afford to do this in 28mm so I decided to go 6mm. After searching around I found these sci-fi tanks from Garrison Miniatures
I've converted them by giving some brass rod gun barrels or cutting of the barrels to make stubby gatling guns.
Basically this is a company of
1 platoon AA tanks
1 platoon of Tri barrel tanks
2 platoons of light laser armed tanks
1 Hq of 1 tank and 2 light hover vehicles
I plan to add some infantry and APC to this force and have already started work on some rebels as opposition for the West Riding Yeomanry.
Cheers Jon

Wednesday 10 February 2010

1st edition 40K characters

Hi all,
these are the last pictures of my 1st edition 40k collection. Bit of an eclectic mix mostly of different character models or test pieces for future armies. The bottom couple of pictures are of my small Eldar harlequin army.
The five pictures above that are a couple of vampires, two chaos renegades (of Nurgle and Khorne) while the last is a test piece for an Eldar pirate force using an old Eldar model with some dark Eldar bits added.

Above that is a scratch built explorer vehicle for a possible future Rogue Trader army. Then we have a selection of imperial characters including a couple of inquisitors, a commissar, tech marine and an ogyrn bodyguard with power fists.
Cheers Jon

Sunday 7 February 2010

HoTT Army of the Three Kingdoms

for tonight's post I thought I'd post some pictures of my second HoTT army that I finally finished this week. The army of the Three kingdoms is a rather generic 'good' army. We have the elves of the Greenwood, The dwarves of the Stonecrown mountains and the humans of the kingdom of Tramlar all allied together to fight my HoTT army of evil.
Most of the figures are Peter Pig from their fantasy and WoTR lines. The Dwarves earth elemental is a very old Citadel miniature, while the treeman is an old GW dryad. The more eagle eyed may have spotted that there is actually more than 24AP of troops in the army but that allows for a bit of variation for games.
Of course the army isn't quite finished as I need to sort out a stronghold at some stage. My son and I had a game of HoTT the other night to break the new army in sadly the Three Kingdoms where soundly beaten by the forces of evil.
Cheers Jon

Tuesday 2 February 2010

Chaos Squats for 1st edition 40k

Hi all,
I thought I'd post up pictures of my Last rogue trader army Chaos Squats. Squats where a big part of 1st edition 40K (sadly they are no longer a feature of 40K) so I had to have some. Originally I was going to use Hasslefree's Grym as squats. When I saw Olley's armies psychic Scrunts however I knew I had to go chaos.
So the Coven of Fire was born. I decided to dedicate my squats to the chaos god Tzeentch. The little background story I came with is that the Squats ship was caught in a warp storm and forced to crash land on a daemon world. From there they where corrupted by Tzeentch through the highly psychic living ancestors becoming a coven. Know these squats combine Magic and engineering to build Arcane war machines for the forces of chaos.
I decided to use the psychic scrunts as hearth guard bodyguards for my warlord and the living ancestors (old very psychic squats). Some of them have been converted using bits from my spares box. For my warlord I used Hersey miniatures evil dwarf lord. I was a bit stumped for the rank and file troops for this army until I found Moonfleet miniatures Smoggers with there robes and masks I thought they worked very well as chaos squats.
I decided to give this army sculpted lava flow bases from foundations of war I think it makes a nice change from the earth /grass combo and looks suitable chaotic. At some stage I hope to add some arcane war machines and some bikers to this army but the infantry component is finished.

Monday 1 February 2010

40K 1st edition Imperial Guard Armoured platoon

Hi all,
thought I'd post up some pictures of my imperial Guard armoured platoon for 1st edition 40K. I'd original planned to use early Games Workshop IG but they were to expensive to source of E-bay. So I decided to use EM-4s future wars figures instead that are competitively priced

The IVFs are from Old Crow with alternative turrets from the same range.
The armoured scout car (third picture down) is scratch built from bit from my spares box with a spare Old Crow gun. The Platoon consists of two rifle squads with IVF transports (armed with multi laser), a command squad with a command IVF (armed with a missile launcher) and a scout car (armed with an auto cannon). By current 40K standards this is a very small IG army but in 1st edition vehicles are very expensive, a rhino APC was 340pts in 1st edition and now costs 35pts in the current edition. Overall I'm really happy with the way this army turned out my personnel favorite is the sniper from the command squad (seventh picture down) who has had his gun lengthened with brass rod and a tree modelled onto his base.
Cheers Jon