Thursday 27 January 2011

life can really screw your hobbies -part 2

First the good news I managed to fix the motorbike last weekend. Turns out the whole bike was taken out by a dodgy electrical wire so after spending several nights going through all the possible causes of the problem (carb, plugs,belt, air filter etc etc) I was just about ready to give in a call a professional when quite by luck I found the offending wire. So now I'm mobile again.

Sadly lying on a cold garage floor last week had played havoc with my back. By Sunday my back wasn't feeling to bad though, fast forward to Monday and it appears my back wasn't as good as I thought and while lugging railway sleepers around during some hard landscaping work my back gave in. So I've now been at home since Tuesday in a lot of pain . Normally being on my own at home would be hobby golden time. I just can't get comfortable enough to do any painting though. I'm bored, irritable and alternating between slightly spaced out or in pain depending on how long it's been since my last dose of pain killer tablets the doctor has given me. Looks like I'll be going back to the doctors tomorrow as so far the back shows no sign of improving.

All in all 2011 hasn't started that brightly on the hobby front .........

Sunday 23 January 2011

Return of the living dead

Back last year I assembled and painted a Mantic undead army in five days here's how it turned out
The plan had always been to extend the army and this Christmas I added some more Mantic sets. First up are the Mantic Revants which I've converted up to carry double handed weapons by making the handles on their weapons longer using the spear shafts from the set.
The models were then painted up to match the rest of the army and old GW transfers added to the shields. The strange green guy at the front is supposed to be the unit leader with a magic weapon the idea was to paint the magic sword to look like it was glowing I'm not sure if I like it or not.
Next up some zombies.
Cheers Jon

Monday 17 January 2011

Life can really screw your hobbies.

Rather annoyed tonight as life has stuck a big V sign up at my hobby time again. Coming home from work tonight my little 125 bike decided to pack in. As a non driver my bike is my main form of transport and the only way I can get down to the club for a game (due to the usual rubbish public transport system).

Of course sods law dictates that tomorrow was going to be my first game of 2011. Jim and I had decided to on a game of AK-47 (one of my favorite games) and it's been a while since Jim's country of Nbuto has been invaded. However I have now had to cancel and will end up spending tomorrow night up to my arms in oil and engine bits trying to work out why my bike won't go. only one word for it really


Friday 14 January 2011

Kampfgruppe HQ

At last I've finally managed to get my first painting of 2011 done and finished of my SS Kampfgruppe HQ for rapid fire.
As you can see it has six figures (all Valiant some converted), a Sdkfz 222 A/C (Airfix), a 37mm SP AA (Haswega), a radio truck (Esci) and a Stoewer car (ready to roll).
The HQ should also have a couple of supply trucks and a Bergpanzer, the trucks I'll do some time. As yet though I haven't found a reasonably priced (bearing in mind it's more of eye candy thing than a useful bit of kit) bergpanzer in 1/72.
Next up I've got a German heer infantry battalion to finish (half the infantry are nearly finished, but that still leaves all the support weapons and another 16 infantry) . I've also got my US armoured task force to do. I've put the yanks on a brief hold though while I wait for some stowage packs I've ordered to turn up. I'm using quite a few armourfast kits which while nicely priced and easy to put together are just to plain so I'm hoping the stowage will make them more interesting (and a bit more realistic).
Cheers Jon

Wednesday 12 January 2011

First game of 2011

2011 seems to have coincided with my son finding some interest in dads little men. He tends to drift in an out of wargaming (well his only 9) but does own a space marine army for 40K (which I painted for him) and a small New kingdom Egyptian army for WAB which we painted together.

On Monday he decided he wanted a game so we went biblical I took my sea peoples and he took his NKE. both armies weighing in at a hefty 830 something points (We really must paint the rest up to have two 1500 pt armies)

My army had two warbands of 20 warriors, 10 Lybian skirmishers and four chariots one with my army general.

My sons army had two 10 figure archer units, 2 chariots one with his general, a unit of 8 axemen, a unit of 12 spearmen and a unit of 12 sea people mercenaries.

The game lasted five turns the first couple saw me heading towards his battle line under heavy bow fire that wiped out my Lybians. My warriors charged in and saw off his axemen but failed to rout his archers. Which in turn saw my warriors counter attacked by my sons sea peoples and chariots (in the flank) my warriors routed and where cut down. My chariots attacked and destroyed his chariots before failing to make any impact on his spearmen (losing 2 chariots in return). At that point I conceded as I was surrounded by hostile units (and it was my sons bed time).
The pictures above show the scene just before the start of the battle.
Cheers Jon

Sunday 9 January 2011

It's oh so quiet....

If it seems a bit quiet on here it's not that I'm not doing anything on the hobby front, just not anything worth posting about. I could tell you about the couple of hours I spent going through and re-organising my paints but it wouldn't be much fun.

All my Christmas goodies have turned up now. Sadly a couple of my orders were wrong so I'm now trying to sort those out. Mostly I've ordered a lot of plastic for Christmas so instead of painting I'm spending lots of time cutting, cleaning and sticking together lots of multi part plastic which really doesn't seem worth posting pictures of if I'm honest.

It's a two pronged attack on the hobby front. At home I'm putting together my Rapid Fire US armoured task force. At work in my lunch break I'm putting the second round of my Mantic undead army together. Hopefully by the end of next week I can start to get some painting going and then have some nice pics to post up.

The only other thing I've been doing is putting some new scenery together for my wargames table hopefully some pictures of my efforts will be posted up soon.
Cheers Jon

Sunday 2 January 2011

Happy new year

Happy new year everyone!

Right now the festive period (never a very productive time on the hobby front for me) is over it's time to look forward to what I might try and achieve with my hobby time this year. The long cold days of January and February are always a bit depressing but luckily Christmas resulted in quite a haul of stuff to keep me going through the second half of winter. I got

100 more plastic undead from Mantic to finish the undead army I started last year.

90 odd plastic dwarves from Mantic to put together a new army of short bearded ones.

60 odd Valiant GIs plus some half tracks and tanks to make a Task force.

A few extra vehicles for my German Rapid fire forces my first Kampfgruppe is so close to being finished .

I've also promised myself some new scenery this year for my games room as I want to try a bit more solo gaming. I hope to still get down to the club once a month but life with children and wife does have a habit off curtailing my gaming so solo seems the way to go to get in a few more games.

Finally I'm going to have a good hard look at my various unfinished projects and stuff and clear out those that will never get finished or used to the great ebay in the sky. Sometimes I find half finished projects and such like tend to just hang round like a bad smell in the wargames room, you feel guilty for not finishing them but you know (deep down) you never will, best just to get rid I find.

First candidate for a sort out is my AK-47 stuff. I love the game and have loads of stuff for it but a lot of the stuff I have is dis-jointed and doesn't fit well with my main AK armies. My plan is just to keep my two main and nicest armies (the Zumatans and Lumatans) and then ebay the rest.

I've also got some projects that just need a final push to finish. In this case My Slann and Elf armies for WFB (3rd edition) both are so close to being finished you smell the varnish I just need to put that final push in.

Oh well It doesn't look like I'll be short of things to do this year, now if I can just win the lottery and give up work I might get it all done.

Cheers Jon