Tuesday, 17 August 2010

undead army in five days - the final results

as promised I've posted up some better pictures of my painted in five days undead army. All models were painted in citadel acrylic paints and magic washed (Windsor and Newton peat brown ink mixed 1:1 with future Klear). The shields have transfers from left over games workshop spacemarine transfer sets.

The first two pictures are my skeleton spears. Made from all the spear armed skeletons from two Mantic skeleton sets 20 skellies in all.

Next up the rest of the skeleton warriors all armed with hand weapons. The unit leader is an old Citadel miniatures pre-slotta base skeleton who has been sat in my bits box since the year dot.

next up we have the ghouls built from two Mantic ghoul sets to produce a 20 figure unit. Thanks to the extras on the sprue I've managed to make quite a varied unit from what is basically two different miniatures.

An old Grenadier Miniatures undead giant makes a nice army centre piece.

Screaming skull catapults both from Mantic's plastic sets with two extra crew taken from the skeleton warriors sprue.

My Necromancer and General Gaston de la Mort. This is a metal miniature from Mantic. One of the nicest miniatures I've painted in a while and he came out pretty well I thought. The base is a display base that comes with the model for games he transfers to a normal 20x20mm base.

A vampire Lord for when I fancy a change of general. This miniature was from Northstar as a limited edition version of Vlad the Impaler when you bought the WAB army book. Nice miniature who final has a use.
Finally my second Necromancer Joan d'Noir another mantic metal miniature. I wasn't keen on her at first but since shes had a lick of paint she has grown on me.
Cheers Jon


  1. Fantastic project Jon!
    I love the undead giant (though he's more like a giant mummy to me) Is that a dragon's claw he's using as a club?

  2. Thanks
    yes it appears he has ripped some poor dragons leg off though how a tinder dry wrapped in bandages 15ft mummy avoided the dragons firey (and rather lethal I would have thought) breath I have no idea. Cool mini though

  3. thats some going in five days! and they look bloody nice as well! cracking stuff

  4. Maybe it was one of the dragons that has a non-fire breath weapon?

  5. impressive stuff mate!!!! I've not even managed 5 figures so far this week!!! Mantic are very nice - and better value than GW

  6. Great work, your ghouls look better than mine, no fair!

    What rules system is this going to be used in?

  7. Thanks for the kind comments everyone

    warhammer but 3rd edition (late 80s) becuase that is IMO the best version.

    could be but it's a red dragon leg everyone knows red dragons breath fire ;)

  8. Very impressive. Puts my snail like efforts to shame.

    I have a boxed set of Warhammer which I had when I was at school. I think it's second edition?

    What does the third edition look like?

  9. Jim,
    third edition was a hardback rulebook and one (yes only one) armylist book with all the army lists. Things have changed a bit since those days (1987).