Sunday 7 February 2010

HoTT Army of the Three Kingdoms

for tonight's post I thought I'd post some pictures of my second HoTT army that I finally finished this week. The army of the Three kingdoms is a rather generic 'good' army. We have the elves of the Greenwood, The dwarves of the Stonecrown mountains and the humans of the kingdom of Tramlar all allied together to fight my HoTT army of evil.
Most of the figures are Peter Pig from their fantasy and WoTR lines. The Dwarves earth elemental is a very old Citadel miniature, while the treeman is an old GW dryad. The more eagle eyed may have spotted that there is actually more than 24AP of troops in the army but that allows for a bit of variation for games.
Of course the army isn't quite finished as I need to sort out a stronghold at some stage. My son and I had a game of HoTT the other night to break the new army in sadly the Three Kingdoms where soundly beaten by the forces of evil.
Cheers Jon


  1. Nice.

    I like the thunderbolt thingy.

    I didn't know you were into HOTT. I've never played it but have a skeleton army if you want to try out your goodies against some alternative opposition?



  2. HOTT night at the club soon?