Monday 1 February 2010

40K 1st edition Imperial Guard Armoured platoon

Hi all,
thought I'd post up some pictures of my imperial Guard armoured platoon for 1st edition 40K. I'd original planned to use early Games Workshop IG but they were to expensive to source of E-bay. So I decided to use EM-4s future wars figures instead that are competitively priced

The IVFs are from Old Crow with alternative turrets from the same range.
The armoured scout car (third picture down) is scratch built from bit from my spares box with a spare Old Crow gun. The Platoon consists of two rifle squads with IVF transports (armed with multi laser), a command squad with a command IVF (armed with a missile launcher) and a scout car (armed with an auto cannon). By current 40K standards this is a very small IG army but in 1st edition vehicles are very expensive, a rhino APC was 340pts in 1st edition and now costs 35pts in the current edition. Overall I'm really happy with the way this army turned out my personnel favorite is the sniper from the command squad (seventh picture down) who has had his gun lengthened with brass rod and a tree modelled onto his base.
Cheers Jon


  1. Nicely done!

    I really like the camo you've done on these!

  2. Good stuff.

    I've got a whole box of these set aside for future wars French Foreign Legion, if I ever get round to it. Nice figures and a neat paint job.

    I wonder if a handful of them would fancy a little dinosaur hunting expedition?