Tuesday 16 February 2010

6mm West Riding Yemonary for Hammers Slammers

for tonight's post I thought I'd post up some picture of my 6mm Hammers Slammers project. While flicking through my Hammers Slammers books I came across the West Riding Yeomanry and thought they looked cool, there are some pictures of some 28mm ones http://www.hammers-slammers.com/images/west_riding/index.htm here.
I couldn't afford to do this in 28mm so I decided to go 6mm. After searching around I found these sci-fi tanks from Garrison Miniatures
I've converted them by giving some brass rod gun barrels or cutting of the barrels to make stubby gatling guns.
Basically this is a company of
1 platoon AA tanks
1 platoon of Tri barrel tanks
2 platoons of light laser armed tanks
1 Hq of 1 tank and 2 light hover vehicles
I plan to add some infantry and APC to this force and have already started work on some rebels as opposition for the West Riding Yeomanry.
Cheers Jon

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  1. Looking good Jon! I've also been working on 6mm SF recently and have a couple of armies ready. Are you up for a game? I can field a suitable Slammers universe mercenary force to take you on. Do you have rules in mind? I'd like to try Future War Commander, but I'm up for anything really.