Thursday 3 January 2013

Happy new year everyone

Slightly belated happy new year to everyone.

So Christmas is over a whole week of over eating, increased alcohol consumption and visits to friends and family is done the Christmas decorations are now down and it's time to make all sorts of hobby resolutions that won't make it past the 1st of February.

I totally failed to get any painting done over the Christmas holidays I did however manage to spend some Christmas money on more white metal and read a book on Somerled I got as a Christmas present. I managed to play a few games of the Dungeon Command boardgame with my son after getting the Goblin and undead expansions for Christmas.

Looking forward to 2013 I plan to carry on with my Somerled project for Hail Caesar. I now have (I will once the arrive in the post) all the miniatures I need to build up Somerled's Gaels I just need to paint and base them all now. After that I hope to put together Godred's Norse Mann forces.  Beyond that I have no plans for this year and knowing how easily I fall prey to the "oohhh shiny" syndrome just finishing the two above armies will be an achievement. 

Cheers Jon

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