Thursday, 3 February 2011

Servants of the old ones.

Well I've finally finished my old school Slann army for WFB 3rd edition. Of course finished is a subjective term as there are still somethings I'd like to add as time and money allow. That aside the army is now 2000pts + and all painted so it's a gameable army.

Collecting an army that the models are all OOP for has been interesting. Slann models turn up on ebay quite alot but prices can get very silly (for example a load went on ebay tonight at around £8.00 a model). So collecting has been a case of watching ebay carefully and bidding carefully. In the end I've also looked around for suitable proxies when possible and picked up quite a few damaged miniatures of ebay that I've worked on to bring them up to scratch.

Anyway below are pictures of the whole force (for now)

Above the whole army displayed in all it's glory

The armies main character models, notice the pygmy shaman (a Gazpez Arts model) at the front hopefully the first member of a full ally contingent.

A slann mage on his litter mage priest is from Gazpez Arts, while his slaves are from The Assault Groups (TAG) Aztec range.

Lesser Slann mage an original citadel miniature

A conversion of a TAG eagle knight into a Slann eagle knight

A slann war leader again another original Citadel miniature.

Lizardmen subjects fighting for their Slann overlords. Original 1980s Citadel miniatures some converted to carry TAG Aztec spears and a converted standard bearer.

Human Slave troops from TAGs Aztec range led by a Citadel Slann slave master.

A Slann spawn band. Mostly various Citadel Slann miniatures with a couple of converted Grenadier miniatures frog folk. Extra shields from GW lizardmen and a converted musician using a broken blowpiper and a plastic beastman horn.

Troglodyte subject troops fighting for the Slann. These are early 80s pore-slotta Citadel miniatures.

Venom tribe Slann from the jungles of Lustria. Highly coloured and very poisonous. Again original citadel Slann both pre and post slotta.

Slann beast handler and cold one hounds. A very rare limited release model from Citadel. I may have to proxy some different coldone hounds though (maybe some 28mm raptors) as I can't get any more coldone hounds to match these two.

Slann scouts with blowpipes. the watery bases came about from having a model who had broken of his base at the ankles so I made look like he was standing in water and carried the theme across all the bases. Again these figures are all old Citadel.

Bull Slann cold one riders, hard hitting Slann cavalry. These guys are all Citadel the unit leader is a very old pre-slotta early Slann.

Well that's it for now, I have plans for a few extras. A pygmy ally contingent, some Slann priests, a war alter and a baggage train (which are a feature of 3rd edition armies) and perhaps a unit of jungle braves.
Cheers Jon


  1. Nice job! Makes me want to paint my Slann army. I boxed it up after the Slann list became obsolete, but I have always loved the figures!

  2. Wow I cant believe you got everything painted allready. :)

  3. This army is simply amazing. As a lizarman player I drool over your wonderful collection.