Friday, 15 January 2010

Wargames Factory Celtic chariots

Hi all,
these arrived in the post today after I managed to pick them up for £12 and free p&p on e-bay. You can't really have an ancient British army without chariots. As usual though I'm on a tight budget so these looked like a good deal compared to the various metal versions out there. For my money I have enough pieces to make three chariots in 28mm which is good value. The set comes with three horse sprues,3 chariot sprues plus a command sprue and a shield sprue (all pictured above) I've knocked one up to show you what they look like note that the metal crewman is actually a foundry Celt (another e-bay find). I'll list the goods points and bad points below of course this all just my opinion others may agree/disagree
good points
  1. The chariots themselves are nice easy to put together and have plenty of room for two figures. They also have the look of a British chariot to me.
  2. The horses are a good size, in other words they look like a pony rather than some sort of shire horse. My cavalry from Warlord games are riding huge race horses that just look wrong for British cavalry.
  3. The price, £4.00 each is a bargain even if you pay full price you're unlikely to find cheaper 28mm chariots I think.
  4. Plenty of spare bits which I can use on scenery and for building casualty/shaken markers which is nice

Bad points

  1. The crew figures are pretty awful. the seated driver just looks wrong his legs are really long if he stood up he'd be eight feet tall. Then we have queen Bobbieca who looks like something out of a fantasy novel complete with big chest and skimpy outfit,as a figure pretty useless to me. Even if you like her you hardly going to want one of her in every chariot. The other two crew are passable as drivers. I'd have liked to see some proper Celtic noble crew that would have really made this set. As it is I'll be swapping out the passengers for some metal foundry Celtic nobles.
  2. The Horses are a bit soft on detail things like the tails and manes could do with more definition.

Overall I'm pretty pleased with these. Are there better models out there? yes there are but these aren't awful and at the price I can actually afford to have a decent number in my army. At the end of the day I'll be getting some more and I suppose that's the acid test.

Cheers Jon

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