Friday, 8 January 2010

HOTTarmy of evil

Found these pictures on my computer while I was looking for something else and thought I'd share them. This my Hordes of the Things (HoTT) evil army loyal to the ancient and evil god Dribble'n'drool (the towering two headed tentacled guy with the red chest). There's way more than 24AP in this army but it gives me plenty of choice. Miniatures are a right mix, some of them so old I'm not even sure where I got them from. These guys get broken out when my local club (Wessex Wargamers Winchester) has one of it HoTT mini tournaments. So far they've lost a lot more than they've won not helped by my rather fickle God who has a habit of leaving the field of battle at just the wrong time. The stronghold was made from a toy plastic skull from my sons toy box and some polystyrene left overs turned out quite nice though.
Cheers Jon

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