Wednesday, 20 January 2010

My Spug Army for 40k

Hi all,
Thought I'd share some pictures of my Spug army for Rogue Trader. Now I know your all thinking Spugs aren't Games workshop or in 1st edition 40K which is true. However one of the great things about 1st ed was that it was very easy to customize. The rules included sections on creating your own creatures and vehicles and how to work out their points cost meaning adding new armies is actual pretty simple.
As for the army itself it contains
  • 3 units of spug drones with needle rifles, a flamer (acid spray) and a Grenade launcher
  • A spugnought(dreadnought) with power fists,plasma gun and missile launcher
  • A Queen Spug (very big Spug) with plasma gun
  • Spug Larvae unit (Large slug carnivores creatures with big teeth)
  • A unit of Spug assault drones with bolters and Jump packs
  • Alpha Drone (mid level Spug commander) with power fist and grenade launcher
  • A Beetle Attack craft(a small two Spug flying Attack craft) with missile launcher and plasma cannons

I'm also working on a couple more units including cavalry and a heavy walker tank if I ever get them finished I'll post up some pictures.

Cheers Jon

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