Thursday, 7 January 2010

Ak-47 the Zumatan Royal Guard

This was my first AK-47 republic army that I painted last year. Basically it's a WWII British Para force from Skytrex that I've had sitting in the lead pile for years. Now however they are the Zumatan royal Guard for my dictatorship army.
The army consists of five units like all AK-47 armies (I'm still playing the first edition by the way)
unit 1 is the centurion tanks who are professionals.
unit 2 is the Ferret A/Cs who are regular.
unit 3 is infantry with a base of RPG (PIAT.....), a HMG (vickers) base and a Mortar base (2 inch) who are regular.
unit 4 is infantry with two mortar bases (3 inch) and a towed gun (6pdr A/T) who are regular.
unit 5 is infantry with a truck and jeep with HMG these are militia and represent the para-military Royal Zumatan constabulary (R.Z.C).
The basic background is that this army represents Zumatan forces of post independent Zumata in the 1960s. Upon gaining independence from the U.K. the Zumatan's where handed a load of old WWII surplus military gear to form their army. SMLE, bren guns and sten guns are the order of the day for this army. The Royal Guard are the elite of the Zumatan army and have received some very modern (for the 1960s) gear including ferret armoured cars and centurion tanks.

This was the first army I painted but I have several more that I'll post up at a latter date. So far they've been rather roughly handled down the club in a couple of games against the forces of F.A.R.T. (Force Action Rapide Terratorial) (Hi Jim) who's HMG armed jeeps run rings around my infantry while filling them full of hot lead.
Cheers Jon


  1. Those are great! Love the flags on the Centurions.

    But aren't the RZC double parked?


  2. Thanks Simon. I used the flags to add some interest to some otherwise rather plain tanks. The RZC can park where they like all part of the perks of being a corrupt para-military police force.


  3. Bring it on Jon

    The FART are ready for anything you can chuck in their general direction.

    A very cool army nonetheless.

    Nice work!