Wednesday, 6 January 2010

My first Britons

Here are some pictures of my first figures for my ancient British army, an infantry warband. The army is being built to play with the Crusader Ancient rules. These rules use bases to build units rather than individual figures. The standard set in the rules are 40mm x 40mm bases for infantry with four figures for formed infantry and two figures for skirmishers. Cavalry use 50mm x 50mm bases with two figures on. I decided that I'd generally stick with the basing standard of the rules, except that light infantry would have three figures per base to show the difference between light and heavy infantry.
The figures are a mixture of Wargames Factory Celts and Warlord Games ancient Britons sets. I freely mixed heads, bodies and legs between the two two sets which I think mix well together. Sometimes a bit of knife work and filling were required to get better fits between the two sets but I think the extra variation was worth the extra work. All the figures are mounted on plastic bases supplied by Renedra ( ).
The figures are painted with Games Workshop acrylic paints using the magic wash style of painting. I've been painting miniatures for 26 years and have used a variety of techniques but the magic wash is my current favorite as it just speeds everything up allowing me to get more painted in my limited painting time. I'm sure I'll come back to painting in more detail another time.
Basically I'm pretty happy with the way these turned out. Some may have noticed that there are only three figures to a base where they should be four. There is a couple of reasons for this. Firstly the figures are pretty dynamic which while looking good makes it a pain to fit four figures to a base comfortably. Secondly it cuts down the cost of the project and gives me less figures to paint. Now I've just got three more infantry warbands, a cavalry unit, a unit of chariots some skirmishers and command figures to paint and that's before I get to the Romans. Ah well bet get on with it.
Cheers Jon


  1. Looks great Jon! You are definitely taking advantage of one of the major benefits of plastic - conversions and being able to swap parts between multiple sets (in this case multiple manufacturers!) Well done!


    Tony Reidy
    Wargames Factory

  2. Great paintign on the Romans and Celts, but could you show us more of the AK47 stuff, please? Love the tanks and shacks.