Monday, 11 January 2010

My Lumatan Army For AK-47

Hi all,
thought I'd stick some pictures of my Super power backed army of Lumata. The Lumatans are Soviet backed communist state. The background story for this army is that soon after independence from the U.K. in the 1960s the government of Lumata where over thrown by an uprising of the workers supported by the army. Appealing to the Soviet government for help the Lumatans where soon being equipped and trained by the soviet army. General the Lumatans are mortal enemies of the Zumatans but they have recently formed an alliance to crush the republic of Nbuto.
The Lumatan Military is split into three parts the Triple S (State Security Service) which is a para-military force well trained and equipped with modern light weapons. The Triple S where formed to deal with internal threats to the Lumatan government. The figures in the bottom picture are Triple S.
Next is the Peoples Lumatan Unified Militia (P.L.U.M.) these units are irregular militias most P.L.U.M. units where formed during the revolution. P.L.U.M. units are used by the government to round up governed opponents, patrol the border regions and carry out cross border raids on Lumata's enemies. P.L.U.M. are equipped with light weapons and various improvised heavy weapons in trucks. The next three photos up show P.L.U.M. units.
Lastly there is the Lumatan regular army (which includes naval and air force units). This is a Soviet supplied force trained in typical Soviet doctrine with large infantry, armour and artillery forces. The top five pictures show regular army units.
The miniatures for this army a bit of a mixture. The P.L.U.M. are Old glory African militia with toy trucks repainted. They weapons and crew in the trucks are Peter Pig. The regulars are irregular miniatures modern Soviets with QRF vehicles and artillery (except the artillery tows which are toy trucks). The Triple S are more irregular miniatures Soviets with a different paint job. The Helicopter is an old 1/100 plastic kit of a Jak-24p.
Cheers Jon

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  1. That Yak really looks amazing! I've got one for my dictatorship army and was wondering what to do with it as it's a bit on the big side. If you want another one to add to your Lumatan air armada, then it's going spare.