Monday, 25 January 2010

British panzers and Roman veterans

Hi all,
my first project of this year is still ticking along at a reasonable pace. Here's some pictures of my latest models at the top we have my unit of Roman veterans, from Warlord Games. These are nice models and full of character. As usual I've built some casualty/shaken markers with the spare models from the box (first two pictures). as I said before being plastic these are easy to convert.
I've also finished the three Celtic chariots from Wargames Factory. Now their painted I think they're pretty good models. I should point out that the passengers are all Foundry metal figures as I wasn't keen on the options provided in the set. I still need to buy another three chariots to finish this unit. I'm still debating the casualty/shaken markers. These plastic chariots could be converted into some really spectacular casualty markers, but it could be a bit expensive when a dead infantryman would work.
Cheers Jon

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  1. I'm with you - the WF chariots look nice enough, but the crew options stink. I'm using some fellows from the regular warband sets.

    Lovely work!