Sunday, 31 January 2010

Car wars

work and family have taken over a bit this week but I found time to convert and paint up some matchbox/hot wheels cars for Axles and Alloys. My fellow club member Jim e-mailed and asked if I fancied a game latter on this month. Filled with memories of playing Games Workshops Dark Future in my youth I bit his hand off.
After a rummage through my sons toy car box I found some likely models and set about them with bits from my spares box a new paint job and voila. you can't have a post apocalyptic car war with out some wrecks so a couple of cars got introduced to Mr hammer (bottom picture). also I've chucked in a picture of my 20mm A team which I converted from Revell 20mm plastic WW2 German infantry. I just need to find a suitable van for BA now and the A team are ready to cruise the badlands.
Cheers Jon


  1. Cool!

    The A team are great.

    I've started on a couple more cars and should have them done fairly quickly (for me).

    Looking forward to a game some time at the end of February.

  2. Excellent stuff! Call me sad but I spotted the donor figure for your BA figure straight away!

    Word Verification - Ratfox, a great name for a post-apoc road warrior