Friday, 15 January 2010

More Britons and Romans

Hi all,
not much progress this week with my ancients project bad weather means heading down to the wargames room (some might call it a garage) hasn't been to appealing, couple with putting my back out a couple of days ago has put payed to much productive painting being achieved.
Having said that I thought I'd share a unit of British slingers with you like the warband they are a mix of Wargames Factory and Warlord Games Celts. The Wargames Factory Celts have slings as a weapon option on the sprue, so knocking up some left over figure into a unit of slingers was dead easy and looks pretty good I think.
The other pictures are of the casualty/shaken markers for my Praetorian guard I posted up last week. These are basically the four left over figures from the set (waste not want not) converted up to look dead for casualties, or two to a base in a mini diorama to represent shaken status. I pretty pleased with how these came out plastic really is so easy to convert.
Cheers Jon

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