Tuesday, 19 January 2010

My 1st edition 40k Eldar Army

Hi all,
I had a rather positive response to my Arbites army on TMP so I thought I post up pictures of my Eldar army for 1st edition 40K. All the models are Games Workshop figures from the 80s/90s, old but still nice. The only conversions are the Dreadnoughts (wraithlords in GW speak today) which looked a bit stiff so I cut them about a bit to make them look more dynamic. I call this my E-bay army as everything in it was picked up on e-bay for very low prices. Many of the models had been painted (badly in almost all cases) but I didn't bother stripping the figures rather I just painted straight over the old paint job.
This army is based on the first Eldar list to have aspect warriors. There had been a previous Eldar pirate list, but that one I didn't like much. There are a few more aspect warriors to paint (fire dragons and howling banshee) to add some time to support all the guardians but for now I'm pretty pleased with how this army turned out.
Cheers Jon

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