Sunday, 10 January 2010

More Zumatan forces for AK-47

Hi all,

a few more pictures of my Zumatans for you. There are a couple of extra pictures of my Ferret armoured car unit. My first game showed that two HMG armed A/Cs didn't really pack enough firepower so I've added two more ferrets this time mark 2/6 with vigilant A/T missiles which I count as tank guns under the rules. There's also a picture of the royal guards new Saracen APCs to give my infantry a bit more speed and some extra firepower. The bottom picture shows General Ivor Lostagain and his command jeep. Lastly the Royal Zumatan Air Force (R.Z.A.F.) make an appearance in one of their F-80 shooting stars purchased from the U.S.
after independence from the U.K.

Most of my Zumatan vehicles (A/C, tanks and APCs) come from QRF ( ) which are great little models and not to hard on the wallet either. The F-80 is some 1/100 die cast I picked up in a pound store it does a good job I think.
Cheers Jon

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