Thursday, 14 January 2010

AK-47 terrain

Hi all,
today's post is just a completely random selection of pictures of terrain I've knocked up for my AK-47 games. I've always been a dyed in the wool 25/28mm man so when I started out I had no 15mm terrain let alone anything modern or African.
I started off with some jungle/scrub templates (bottom picture) these are made from various model railway scenic kits on hardwood bases. Then I added some polystyrene hills using the same railway scenics.

Buildings where next. The airport building (third pic from bottom) is a 1/87 Heller plastic kit. The other buildings where scratch built from card and include an apartment block, some shops and some shanty buildings. At some stage I plan to add some of the Peter Pig resin buildings as well. The pylons are 1/87 railway scenery purchased of e-bay I think they look great of the wargames table.
Of course if you've got buildings you need a few vehicles a quick rummage in my sons car box and a look around Toys'r'Us furnished me with some lorries and cars in looks about right scale. I painted some of the trucks up to make a U.N. aid convey. The aeroplane was a cheap 1/1oo scale plastic kit from e-bay it's something Soviet (i can't remember what though) and is really just to furnish the airport.

Cheers Jon


  1. Excellent airport building and the pylons are very cool as well. I should get some terrain done too. I think I've found a source for some more jungle trees for a start.

  2. Hi Jim,
    the airport is kind of cool (even if I do say so myself) sadly its to big to get on the back of the motorbike or I'd bring it down to the club. We need to try the clubs tunksga(sp) board out as well don't we I think it would make an excellent gold mine to fight over.

  3. Good idea. It's in the cupboard at BF. I'm sure Andy would drag it out for us if we asked him nicely?