Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Some Romans

Not just any Romans but the (not quite so) elite Praetorian guard. Now the Praetorians really shouldn't be swanning around the wilds of Britain but safely living the high life in Rome guarding/murdering/selling the emperor. However they're going to be in my army for two reasons firstly they look really cool and secondly they were a really cheap bargain which I couldn't pass up, so having bought them I'm going to use them.
These figures are from Warlord games Praetorian Guard set. There are twenty figures in the set and having used sixteen to make the unit (four bases of four figures) I'm converting the remaining four into game markers. Like the Britons above these are painted using a wash technique. I should point out the shields are water slide transfers that are supplied with the figures. I've hand painted my shields before but these not only look better than my kack handed painting they're a lot quicker as well.
Cheers Jon

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