Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Beer and Beards - 4

Tonight's unit from this months on going dwarf project is the elite Hammerers bodyguard of the king. In WFB 3rd edition these guys are +4 shock elites (IE dead hard)
The Mantic army set included a unit of shield breakers (IE dwarfs with double handed hammers). However they didn't really look any different from the rest of the units. So I did a bit of mixing and matching and chose all the bodies with cloaks and closed face helms to to mark the unit out from the rest of the dwarfs as a bit different. I painted the cloaks burgundy too to give them a more elite look.
The command group for this unit were a bit of a problem however. The Mantic army set only contains two command sprues despite giving you three regiments of fighting dwarf's. So a delve into the bits box found me a beastman horn, an empire spear and a lion helmet which with some green stuff (to enclose the helmets) and some extras of the Mantic sprues gave me a musician, leader and standard bearer for this unit.
Hopefully along with the army general and army standard bearer this unit will provide the rock hard core of my dwarf army.
Cheers Jon


  1. They look great ranked up. Love the colors you chose. Well done.

  2. Fantastic stuff. So many of your posts keep moving me towards 3rd edition. What all would I need to hunt down to be able to play it?

  3. Thanks guys.

    Adeptgamer to play 3rd edition you only need the hardback rulebook and the warhammer armies book (which I'll point has all the armylists in one book) they come up on ebay all the time.

    If you want to expend the experince there is also warhammer seige, the orginal Mighty empires game, the two Relams of Chaos books, Man O'war and Warhammer roleplay (1st edition) which are all compatible with third edition WFB.

    I've got all of them one day I dream of running a Mighty Empires campagin that incorporates all of the above books to include sieges, naval battles and roleplay adventures as well as straight land battles into one campagin.

    One day.................