Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Night of the Living Dead

Hi all,
well I've been forced by the Doctor to take some time off work to allow my back to heal properly, the pain has subsided to manageable level but boredom has set in big time. So the last couple of days I thought I'd try some painting and see if the back could cope with sitting in one position for a long time (it can't). What I found is I could do small amounts (about half an hour at a time) before I had to get up and move around or do something else for a while to stop my back stiffening up.
So for the last couple of days I've done some painting in short bursts and managed to add a couple more units to my growing undead horde and stop my brain turning to mush watching day time telly all day.

The top pictures are zombies built from the Mantic Zombie set. I was a little disappointed when I first got them. As there are only a couple of bodies and legs available I thought they'd end up looking to regimented. However with careful choices of heads and arms plus body positions you can build quite a lot of different zombies with just a few parts. I also used some spare arms and hands from the Mantic ghouls set for extra choice and a few spare bits from the Mantic skeletons set to build the command group. Mantic now make a zombie command group but it really isn't hard to make your own.
Painting wise I tried to keep the colours close to the rest of my undead army (IE black,red,brown and bone) but I varied the skin tones so they could be told apart from my ghouls, who are also covered in blood and wearing filthy rags . Being zombies I felt it was perfectly acceptable to go over the top with the Hollywood style blood effects which I think have worked out okay.
The bottom pictures are some ghosts for my spirit host. Basically I used some old pre slotta undead citadel minis from bits box that I've had for decades. I thought about buying some miniatures but figured ghosts could look like anything so just saved myself some money and used what I had lying about. These have to be the simplest paint job ever. Paint miniature totally grey, green ink wash all over and heavy dry brush of white paint simple but pretty effective I think.
Next up are some skeleton archers.
Cheers Jon

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  1. Fantastic minis Jon! A worthy addition to any undead force.