Thursday, 17 February 2011

Beer and Beards - 5

OK for tonight's post we have the firepower of my Dwarven army. The Mantic Dwarf army comes with 30 dwarfs armed with either handguns or crossbows I decided to go for a 20/10 mix in favour of the crossbows dividing them into three units of 10 dwarfs
I divided the miniatures further putting all the cloaked bodies into the handgun unit (thunderers) and the non cloaked bodies into the two crossbow units.
The top pictures are of one of the crossbow units these guys are normal dwarf warriors and are linked to one of the warrior units by the leader having the same helmets (in this case the boar helmet as both units are from the Boartusk clan, renowned for their pig headiness)
The thunderers are actually from the engineers guild and have the same brown work cloaks as the artillery crews (who are also guild members).
There is still one more unit of crossbows to paint up, they've been undercoated and I've got twelve days to finish them no problem.........
Cheers Jon

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