Wednesday, 2 February 2011

German Infantry

Having finished my first Rapid Fire battle group (the obligatory SS panzergrenadiers and big cats). I have now started on the next battle group based around a bog standard German late war infantry battalion.
These models were finished a couple of weeks ago and are about half the battalions infantry component. I still have 16 more infantry, 2 machine guns, a 81mm mortar and a couple of guns from the regimental support companies to paint up.
These guys are valiant 1/72 miniatures a mix of the classic Germans and Germans in Normandy box sets. I want to use plenty of zeltbahns on these guys and paint them in Heer splinter pattern. I found a great painting guide here
I think the camo has gone quite well all though it seems to show up less in the photos than when your holding the models in hand.
Cheers Jon

1 comment:

  1. Nice work on the camo.

    Don't fancy the chances of the chap behind the panzershreck though ;O)

    My RF stuff has hit the buffers recently due to work, but I'm hoping to get some time in this weekend to finish off a large portion of it.

    Fingers crossed.