Friday, 18 February 2011

Beer and Beards - 6

For tonight's post I've got a couple of characters and some war hounds.
First up at the top we have the armies only Slayer an independent character armed with a pair of magic axes. Personally for me I think slayers work better as a concept as individuals the idea of whole units of slayers seems wrong to me. This miniature is from the Mantic dwarf characters set. I've tried to match him in colour wise with rest of the army I've also tried the magic weapon technique I started trying with my undead army. All the magic weapons in my dwarf army are fiery orange (makes me think of furnace fires, smelting and such like) as opposed to the sickly green I went for in my undead army. Like the undead I've tried to give the impression of glowing magic weapons by highlighting surfaces near the magic weapons in fiery orange.
Next up we have the armies wizard. Those of you who got into warhammer in later editions are probably saying WTF dwarf wizards?! but back in 3rd WFB edition dwarfs had wizards, not very good ones granted but wizards all the same. This miniature is actual a 1984 pre-slotta miniature from the Citadel Dwarf Kings Court set. I picked him on ebay for a whopping 99p. He's a little smaller than the Mantic dwarfs but I think he's kind of cool. He painted up really nicely too.
Last up we have some Mantic dwarf pitdogs. I got seven in the army set but originally didn't think I could find a use for them. However looking through the dwarf army list it turns out If I have a wizard I can summon a monstrous host which can be made up of several different creatures including war dogs. So I based them up and painted them. As a unit they give my something a bit different to the army namely speed, making them an interesting fast cavalry style unit.
That's it for photos for now. I have a half finished warrior regiment, a unit of crossbows that are undercoated and three wagons to make my baggage train (a feature of most armies in WFB 3rd edition) to finish off by the end of the month. So more painting less blogging for the next few days.
Cheers Jon

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  1. I've always thought of a unit of dwarf slayers more like a warband of frenzied warriors. They should have been always fielded as skirmishers imho.

    Great models :D