Thursday, 3 February 2011

Beards and Beer

Well the undead are almost finished so yesterday I made a start on the Christmas present a new Dwarf army from Mantic for WFB 3rd edition.
I bought a Dwarf Army set and a the Mantic dwarf heroes set which gave me enough stuff for a 2000pt army.
Normally this would cost £64.00 (which isn't a bad price for a 200pts army anyway) but a bit of wheeling dealing on e-bay I got both for just under £50.00.
I've stuck most of the army together and tried out a sample paint scheme (bottom two pictures) which I think came out well and will be using across the whole army.
Looking around on the net it seems Mantic dwarves are getting very mixed reviews. Personally I like the style as it's more in keeping with the old imperial dwarf look of 3rd edition WFB. The newer GW dwarfs don't really do it for me with the whole belly and feet look. Having said that some of the sculpting is very soft on the Mantic dwarves especially along the side son the models where the two halves of the moulds presumably meet.
One model in particular in the set I didn't like was the cannon. The barrel looked a bit rubbish really small and not very imposing. So I fished around in my bits box and came up with a spare GW great cannon barrel. I scraped of the imperial carvings and glued the barrel to the Mantic gun carriage then added some details in green stuff to cover up some joins, gaps and knife damage. the results can be seen in the top four pictures.
Overall I think the Mantic dwarves are great and the army deal is excellent value for money. My only disappointments where the artillery and there could have been one command sprue in the set to give all three main infantry units a command. As it is I used my bits box to scrape a third command group together, more of which later.
Now I've just got to paint 90+ dwarves...........
Cheers Jon

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