Saturday, 22 December 2012

The arrival of the dreaded lurgy

Sadly no painting this week as a plague of biblical proportions descended on the family home knocking down myself, the wife and both kids. True to form myself and number one son took to our beds (and whinged like only a man can can according to the wife) while the wife and daughter bravely battled on at work and school (while throwing disapproving looks at the weakling men folk). Of course now the women folk are both laid up in bed suffering while number one son and myself are almost back to full health (and slightly smug).

Anyway in between running around after coughing, sneezing and fever ridden women I hope to get back to a bit of painting action before Christmas proper starts and a week of family visits and over eating again puts paid to the hobby time.



  1. I feel your pain sir - I've missed two vbcw big games due to lurgy in the family.
    Hope everything clears up for Christmas!

  2. Hope you all feel better soon. I look forward too to your next painting ventures...

  3. Hope you're feeling better Jon.

    The Mrs has had the same thing the last three days and I've had to lock her in the cabin, in case she infects the rest of the crew.

    Anyway, have a really good New Year. Hope to catch up for a game sometime in 2013.

    All the best