Monday, 17 December 2012

Command stand - Thorfinus filius Oter

Another command stand this time Thorfin (or Thorfinus filius Oter) , described as the most powerful jarl of the Hebrides, who convinced Somerled to depose Godred the II King of Mann by suggesting that Somerleds own son Dugball become the new king of Mann.

Thorfin is a Gripping Beast Irish warlord from the Saga range, the horn blower is another Gripping Beast Scot/Pict the standard bearer is a Crusader miniatures Irish miniature with his axe replaced with a flag pole. The Flag is again from the "Don't throw a 1" Blog with a re-paint and highlights.

Next up is to keep plugging away at the various Norse-Gael miniatures I have to build a unit as Somerled's household troops.


  1. Lovely work - love the photograph and backdrop - so appropriate for the season. Best, Dean

  2. Figures have painted up really well and the trees add great atmosphere.