Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Christmas trees....

OK a quick heads up for UK gamers about Christmas trees. Over on  TMP every festive season there is always a thread about cheap snow covered model Christmas trees for model Christmas villages. Well I've never seen them here in the UK  until I was in Homebase today looking for something total unrelated. Homebase have a model Christmas village this year and among the accessories were snow covered fur trees perfect for 28mm I bought both packs on the spot and £7.00 netted me 10 nice snowy fur trees ready to put straight down on the table here a couple of pictures if anyone else is interested.


  1. Thanks for the info ,I will have a look at the weekend.
    best wishes

  2. Those look great, got a homebase near me so may give them a visit

  3. Good tip..., how to get them africanised for AK47?

    ..I'm sure I'll think of something.