Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Mann Norse command bases WIP

Having now finished the Hird for my Mann Norse I've ordered some suitable miniatures for Somerled's Gaels from Crusader miniatures and Gripping Beast. While I'm waiting for them to turn up I decided to keep my new found enthusiasm ticking over by making some command bases for my Mann Norse out of left over Wargames factory plastic vikings and bits from my bits box.

I have a load of 50mm laser cut circle bases that I'm going to use for command bases on which I plan to mount 3-4 miniatures on. To lead my Norse I'm going for two different leaders first Godred II Olafsson king of Mann (and possibly Dublin) from the early 1150s and enemy of Somerled. The  second commander will be Wimund Bishop of Mann and the isles in the 1140s an English monk who claimed to be the hier to the Mormaer of Moray and gathered a band of sea raiders to plunder the coast of Scotland.

Below are some pictures of my command base WIPs two standard bearers, a horn blower and a conversion to represent Wimund.