Sunday, 16 December 2012

Somerled king of Kintyre

Slowly painting up my Islesmen and have finished up one of my command bases. This base is going to represent the Norse-Gael Warlord and king of Kintyre Somerled.

Somerled is a Gripping Beast Norse-Gael warlord from the Saga range, his standard bearer is from the Gripping Beast Scots/Pict range and the horn blowing bodyguard is a Crusader miniatures Scots thane with a plastic Wargames Factory horn. The flag is from the excellent Don't throw a 1 Blog which has lots of nice (and free flags for gamers).

Sadly my printer ink ran out when I printed the flag so I had to re-paint it and add some highlights. I have no evidence that Somerled was a short arse but the newer Gripping Beast Saga miniatures seem much shorter than the older Gripping Beast miniatures. Plenty more Gaels to paint up yet.



  1. Great work- figures,flag and basing look great!

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