Thursday, 13 December 2012

Heros of the Dark Ages

I came across this company recently and thought they looked interesting (and not to expensive) so I ordered a few miniatures from them. I was looking for a few different miniatures to add some interest to command bases and such like and among the ranges there were several miniatures that looked like they would fit the bill.

The order arrived today and sadly I'm a bit disappointed. Now I should say I wasn't expecting Perry brothers level of sculpting, having looked at the pictures on their website, and the miniatures are slightly crude though IMO serviceable enough with a lick of paint. No what left me disapppointed was the massive variation in size between models from the same manufacturer. Some of the miniatures are closer to 20mm in size while others look like they are pushing 40mm and almost all of them look either to big or small to fit with my other miniatures. Below are a few pictures that might illustrate what I mean

Below are some shots with other manufacturers Gripping Beast (left) Heros of the Dark ages (middle) and Crusader (right)

 In the interest of fairness other companies also seem to be a bit variable in their figure sizes. First picture below is Crusader second in gripping beast.

Right moaning about size aside here is a closer look at the heros of the Dark Ages miniatures. First a viking holding a loft a severed head which I thought might mark out a Norse command stand quite nicely he is one of the larger figures

Next a monk. As I was thinking of putting together a force to represent Wimund Bishop of Mann I thought a few monks might be nice to dot around the units this guy is a big brute but not a bad miniature.
 I thought this guy would make a good Godred of Mann he is another big boy but has the right look for the Isles with bare legs, mail and simple nasal helm.
 Another monk this guy is a "normal" 28 and will be hanging out on Wimund's command base
 A mounted Abbot don't really now why I got this figure just thought he looked good. Probably the nicest figure of the ones I ordered though he is going to need some work to make him fit on his horse properly.
 The three dwarves these three are more like 20mm than 28mm they are also rather "flat"  miniatures they might find their way onto a baggage element or something.
So all in all some OK (and slightly different) miniatures for the price with highly variable heights and sculpting. 

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