Monday, 11 October 2010

Trying out some sculpting........

Well the Slann army is going quite well, I've spent more than I'd admit to the good lady wife on ebay. However there are some units in the 3rd edition army lists that are going to be be hard to represent because either Citadel/GW never made the miniatures or they made one pose for each type that is now OOP anyway so to get enough of each miniature would take a long time and cost too much money. Sadly most of the above units are the Slann elite like eagle warriors of Jaguar warriors.
So what has this got to do with sculpting? you may ask. Well I ordered a Aztec unit builder deal from TAG to use as Slann slave troops. TAG tend to give away free miniatures if you order over a certain amount so they sent me a very nice Aztec eagle warrior. I wasn't sure what to do with him but it struck me that he might convert into a Slann eagle warrior with some work (major work really)
So I've had a crack at it and the photos above show my current progress. I think more work is required yet this is very much a WIP at the moment. I've used green stuff before on conversions usual to fill gaps or cover up a rough area on a conversion with a pouch or such like. This is a lot more involved however. First I cut the feet off and tried to sculpt some suitable frog like webbed feet (which are probably a bit big if I'm honest) and then moved on to turning the human face into something fat and frog like. I've certainly gained a new found respect for miniature sculptors having had a stab at this.
Whether I could do this for a whole unit I'm not sure but perhaps a small unit of Elite troops (say 12) might be a possibility for the future.
Cheers Jon


  1. It looks good so far. Just remember to use layers and let the underlying layers harden before adding on top. Also, it's easier to start with a blob and push it around than to patch on stuff and then try to work it in (especially when doing faces).


  2. Thanks Eli,
    I'll bear that in mind I really I'm starting from just above zero level. I've looked at a few online articles but they make it all look so darn easy.

  3. Oh no, I understand. I'm not a pro either. In fact, I only just recently finished my first 100% ground-up sculpt.