Sunday, 31 October 2010

The Sea Witch- Pirate ship WIP

Well having painted up a crew, got a copy of the rules and played a couple of games I'm rather taken with the Legends of the High Seas game. Of course every pirate crew needs a ship, Jim my club mate and some time opponent scratch built his scurvy crew a fantastic ship that can be seen here
Suitably inspired by Jim's excellent effort (as well as the thought of being tonked by a ships broadside in the next game) I thought I better get a ship sorted too. It's not based on any real ship and I aimed to make a wargames piece rather than a scale model.
I looked for pictures of pirate ships on the net printed them off and took them down to the wargames room. Then I built a basic structure out of foam core card and polystyrene blocks all stuck together with PVA and then clamped over night. A quick trip to Hobby Craft furnished with some balsa wood and some dowel which I then used to clad the basic structure. The windows and figurehead came from the bits box.
There's still quite a bit to do before the model is ready for painting but so far it's looking better than I thought it would. I've got a game planned with Jim on the 9th so that's my deadline to get it finished (I hope).
Cheers Jon


  1. Blimey.

    And I thought I was quick at scratchbuiling..

    Nice figurehead too.

  2. That's a very nice model! Well done!

  3. Since you like both Pirates and Science-Fiction...

    Lacepunk skyships
    (The Three Musketeers - 2011).

    One of the multiple facets of 'weirdness in the Tricornes era'

    'Pirates' are certainly the most popular of 'swashbuckling' games, and it's not uncommon for Pirates to encounter undeads of various types, King Kong-sized Godzilla type monsters...
    So it's only a matter of 'taking the plunge' and having the same 'liberty' on dry (main)land.

    Then, by the mid 18th C. vast parts of the Pacific Ocean were still to be explored, thus odd human races and cultures can be waiting for your daring adventurers in tricornes on a 'New Continent'. Or, alternatively, in an underground 'Lost Wold at the Earth Core', Pellucidar -fashion...

    Developed in a TMP post..

    Hope to be 'intriguing', if not 'inspirational' :) :) :)