Thursday, 7 October 2010

Slann mage and slaves

Another addition to my old school Slann army. This time it's a powerful Slann mage priest. In 3rd edition WFB Slann mages aren't allowed to touch the ground or they lose most of the magic powers as such they travel on palanquins carried by lobotomised human slaves.
The original 1980s Citadel model of a Slann mage (see link)
had a couple of problems
a) it wasn't a very good model
b) it's oop
one turned up on E-bay but went for £30+ quid which is a lot for a model I didn't like. I was going to use a current GW Slann. when I came across this model from Gaspez-arts

Gaspez mostly make fantasy football miniatures and this guy was supposed to be a team manager for me though he screamed Slann mage sitting on a palanquin. The only problem was I needed some human slaves. I'd purchased an Aztec horde deal from The Assault Group (TAG) to use as a unit of human slave troops. Luckily I had some spares so with some steel rod and some green stuff I converted them to carry the mage priest around. The final model is a little rough (I'm no sculptor) but the paint job hides some of that and I'm reasonably pleased with how it's come out. Next up is a Slann beast master.
Cheers Jon


  1. NICE ONE!

    I think it's a right proper old school Slaan Mage.

    Perhaps more Assault Group minis are in order for some of those slave troops?

    One thing I loved about WHFB #rd Ed was the diversity within the individual armies. Something lost in most of the newer armies which have tried a bit too hard to "bring it all together" under one theme.


  2. I have no idea what you're wittering on about but that is a very impressive bit of conversion work.

    Rather good painting too, especially the feathered cape thingy.