Sunday, 3 October 2010


Well real life has got in the way of my hobby time recently. Firstly there was a rather nice holiday on the Norfolk broads which while very relaxing prevented any hobby related stuff for a whole week. Secondly the return from holiday has found me up to my eye balls in work and family stuff.
Still I've managed to add some extra miniatures to my old skool Slann army for 3rd edition WFB. The Slann army contains several different auxiliary forces one of which is Lizardmen vassals. Now the scarcity of Slann models means I'm going to have to use quite a few no Slann auxiliaries to bulk out the army. The Lizardmen were perfect at 20pts each they eat up points they're also pretty hard troops to boot.
I looked at several options for lizardmen miniatures Reaper have some good ones, GWs modern lizardmen or Cavalcades impressive lizardmen. However while I was deciding a load of 1985ish citadel Lizardmen turned up on e-bay. I won some (although not quite the twelve I needed).
I had quite a few of these in my youth and these miniatures are certainly of a certain era not as crisp as to days miniatures, but with an old worlde charm that I like. There are a few conversions in this lot some of them where armed with bows (which were no good to me) so the bows were cut off and spears from the TAG Aztec range added. Some GW lizardman shields from my bits box where also added.

The unit is not quite finished I need three more but it will be a case of keeping an eye out on e-bay until some pop up. In the mean time I've got plenty of Slann to paint up.

Cheers Jon

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