Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Slann spawn band

Well a week of painting later and here is my Slann spawn band. Spawn band are Slann Militia raised in time of war and the only compulsary unit in the 3rd edition army list. The miniatures are a mix of OOP Slann models from all three Slann eras (pre slotta, first generation Slotta and WFB 3rd edition Slann) as well as two converted Grenadier frog folk from the late 80's. The colour scheme is the one that is carried throughout the army of red, white, yellow and green with gold metalics.
All these miniatures where ebay purchases and in varoius states of disrepair. The horn blower was a blowpiper whose blowpipe had snapped off and was given a plastic beastman horn as a replacement to make a musican. The standard bearer was a Slann mage with his staff top cut off and bits from my bitsbox used to make a suitable standard instead. Also from my bits box where a load of old GW Saruas shields to add to all the miniatures missing shields.
Cheers Jon

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