Friday, 15 October 2010


Another unit for my old school Slann army. This time it's troglodyte vassals basically larger, meaner and smellier cousins of the lizardmen. These miniatures are circa 1984 Tom Meirer citadel miniatures
except for the second picture down which is a letter citadel miniatures troglodyte
They are all mounted on 40x40mm bases and painted in my usual white under coat magic wash style. Interestingly I got these guys of ebay and I think a couple of them had the dreaded lead rot, while painting them I noticed some areas had lost all their detail and one had become very brittle (in fact I broke his legs while trying to bend him straight).
These five big guys should add some punch to the battle line and being vassals are totally expendable in the pursuit of the Petal thrones objectives.
Cheers Jon

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