Saturday, 30 October 2010

Achtung Tiger

Another new project 20mm WW2 Germans for Rapid fire. A few people at the club are looking to paint stuff up for NWE 44-45. My regular opponent is planning to do a battalion of the DCLI
Looking around on the net it seems one of the most famous battles involving the DCLI was hill 112 during the Normandy campaign their opponents during that battle were the 9th SS panzer Division supported by SS Tiger battalion 101. So that's what I'm going for
Having decided what I'm doing I went to the box with all my 20mm WW2 kits I've collected for the day when I would finally get the rapid fire project I've wanted to do for years done. What I found were these three Tiger 1 die casts that I picked up off some magazine last year at £1.99 each. They were in panzer grey but they got a re-paint into something more suitable for Normandy 44. I may added some crosses and numbers at some point and I'm still deciding weather to base them or not. Next some panzer grenadiers.
Cheers Jon

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  1. Those look great!

    What did you use for the foliage?