Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Old skool elves

Hi all,
as you might have guessed a new project looms on the horizon. I've been following the rise of Mantic ( I was disappointed with their elves (a style thing really archers with shields, funny looking spears, really small elves just weren't for me) but I was impressed by the Undead and Dwarves.
Most of my early gaming was Fantasy using WFB 3rd edition and in a fit of nostalgia I decided to recruit a couple of new armies to use with 3rd edition WFB using Mantic's plastics. So I kicked off with the purchase of one of their undead army deals (which is hopefully in the post somewhere) for my birthday. Next I delved into the bits box to see if there where any old undead miniatures I could use.
Sadly I didn't find to many undead but I did find a whole load of elves, enough in fact to build a small elf force. So first up we have a unit of elven archers, according to the base tabs these are GW from 1985. Being from 1985 may explain the Dallas style shoulder pads they're sporting, but all in all I think these guys have aged quite well. I have another unit of ten of these guys as well as twenty other GW elves from the same date that hopefully will become a merchant company unit (50:50 spear and bow).
These guys where painted using my usual magic wash method and I've done a much better job than I would have in 1985 for sure.
Cheers Jon

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