Sunday, 25 July 2010

VBCW Command Groups

well I'm making steady progress with my VBCW project and thought I'd show some of latest additions to my forces. I've decided to organize my forces to use with warhammer great war rules (although as they are single figures it's not hard to change to a different rule set). One thing about WGW is you need quite a few command groups so here are mine.

The top pictures (blue armbands) are my Anglican league force the five man group are the battalion HQ while the two three men groups are the company HQs. Below that we have Lord Encombes Royalist militia (red and white armbands). The five man group is lord Encombe himself and his battalion HQ like any country gent he is found of his animals. The four man group is a company HQ.

Miniatures are from three main sources Gripping beasts WW1 range, Great war miniatures and Artizans thrilling tales range. The flags are made from paper and PVA. Most of the armbands where added by me using green stuff (although some of the Great war miniatures already had them)

Cheers Jon


  1. Very nice, especially the flags.

    Do you reckon I need some more command and/ or figures for the BUF?

  2. Great stuff, Jon! Very Inspiring!

  3. Crackin' figures mate. Really well done.