Wednesday, 25 August 2010

My wargames room

I gave my wargames room a good tidy a couple of weekends ago and took some pictures before it reverts back to it's normal untidy state. Thought I'd post them to show my little wargames sanctuary.
Basically my room is the garage. Our house has an unusual double length (rather than the more usual double width) garage. I divided the garage down the middle with a stud wall and boarded up the breeze block walls and added a raised floor.
Like most garages the insulation leaves a bit to be desired being rather warm in the summer and bloody freezing in the winter. Also when I convinced the lady wife to let me have my room it was on the condition that I shared with the tumble dryer (boo).
The display cabinets are from good old IKEA. The wargames table is built from MDF with coasters to make it easy to move around it also has six map draws (saved from a skip) built in to one end to provide more figure storage.


  1. Looks like a very nice set up - despite the tumble dryer (boo hiss).

  2. I love the concession of having a dryer in there. It legitimises the entire enterprise. Very shrewd.

  3. Very nice! My war games room was a nice room in the basement but it was so quickly filled with home storage it is no longer a war games room. I do all my modeling on an old Sportcraft pool table and when it's time to battle I have a 4x4 moderately modeled board to put on it.

  4. I have dreams of my gaming area being so tidy. You are an inspiration, sir!

  5. I don't think I'd ever persuade the Mrs that I could have half the garage, tumble dryer or not :O(

  6. The Tumble Dryer is a good idea. That way you can refer to it as the Laundry Room and not the Gaming room, and thus perhaps avoid drawing to much attention for the good lady. You can always put teh dryer on in the winter to warm the place up a bit, and earn extra brownie points by doing a bit of 'housework' while gaming. Nice thouch.